About kaminlicht

We are your contact for fireplaces without chimneys. With us you will find an exclusive selection of high-quality and visually appealing fireplaces at fair prices.

Our products meet the highest safety standards and are easy to install. The ethanol burns residue-free and odorless.

Whether for your apartment, your loft or your house – with our products you bring a cozy and warm atmosphere into your home. With the augmented reality technology in the chimney light app, you can visualize your dream fireplace at home. The app is provided free of charge and the virtual image of our chimneys can be displayed in your own four walls using a smartphone or tablet. You will be given an idea of ​​the setup options.

Background of the Invention

If you want to show the fireplace in your living room to your family or friends, you can take the picture and send it via Whatsapp or other messenger services. You will receive feedback even before the goods are ordered, the box is unpacked and the furniture is assembled.

Do you fluctuate between several products? The app accesses xy products and is regularly expanded with new products. Select the fireplace that suits you and your living area and get an impression of the size, color, scale and design effect in your room. The fireplace can be set up, rotated and turned in three dimensions, true to scale and in your desired location. Look at the fireplace from all sides and get an idea of ​​the effect the fireplace has in the room. The app offers the possibility of positioning the fireplace in different places without the hassle of moving furniture.

The Idea

Once you have found your dream fireplace, it can be ordered directly from the app and you can look forward to looking at the fireplace in your own four walls before delivery.

Does your dream fireplace fit into the corner you want?

  • Simply set up your dream fireplace to scale at the desired location using the AR app
  • Get an idea or effect of your dream fireplace
  • No more annoying moving furniture – the app makes it possible to position the fireplace in different places
  • Get an idea of ​​the size, color and scale
  • Share your wish conveniently with friends and family
  • The AR app is available free of charge in the Apple Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android


Horizontal floor detection.

Vertical wall detection.

Placing Electrical fireplaces on Floors and walls.

Favorites Section.

Multiple Languages.

Interactive UI/UX.

More about the kaminlicht

Check out the kaminlicht website.

Technologies Used
  • Unity3D.
  • Apple Arkit for IOS AR.
  • Google Arcore for Android AR.
  • Firebase Authentication, Analytics, Profiling and Scoring System.
  • Google Addressable.
  • Content download management System.
August 14, 2021
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