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About HBS

Begin the process by subscribing for updates and newsletters and allow access to your camera. The AR experience begins by you scanning the desired floor space, visually white dots will cover the floor space. Press the screen In the designated area and the HBS basin will appear. On the top right corner you have 3 options move, rotate and add/remove chair. Top left main menu. Bottom left blue logo is a link to the HBS basin website page for more information. Bottom centre is a screenshot and screen record feature that allows you to share to contacts and social platforms. 

“HBS portable hairdressing basin comes equipped with everything you need to quickly and easily set up a shampoo station from the comfort of your home. This professional portable salon basin is the synthesis of creativity, functionality and design, with aims to improve both your workspace and client experience for your salon.”

The Idea

The first ever HBS basin was design and built for our very own home based salon and now 5 years later they are proud to offer The HBS Portable salon basin AR Application to the hair industry making it easier and more affordable to setup a professional shampoo station. They’ve spent years crafting the most innovative, highly technical, HBS portable basin with advanced features that takes your home salon to a whole new level through AR technology.

Download the Latest App

With an increase in smartphone users around the world, the app developers and companies are trying to take over the market. A lot of new apps and games gets released every day on the app stores and you can find them by navigating to the new releases section. 

More About HBS Basin App:

Check the HBS Basin website

Technologies Used
  • Unity3D.
  • Apple Arkit for IOS AR.
  • Google Arcore for Android AR.
  • Firebase Authentication, Analytics, Profiling and Scoring System.
  • Google Addressable.
  • Content download management System.
August 14, 2021
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