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The CK Royalty App is an immersive experience that utilizes augmented reality to provide in-spiration from African-American entrepreneurs in royalty attire. Located inside Cimone Key Creative Studio in Dallas, Texas, these decorated trailblazers are featured in a private art in-stallation that quickly comes to life within the CK Royalty app. Simply hold your phone up to each painting, and you’ll experience first-hand motivation and inspiration from modern-day royalty.

Background of the Invention

We are an intimate branding and design boutique located in the illustrious city of Dallas. We design in-house as well as collaborate with artist globally. The company was founded in 2015 by international Creative Director, Cimone Key, whom has personally served at three Fortune 500 Advertising Agencies. We work with clientele from small businesses to acclaimed global brands, creating content for noticeability in an increasingly competitive and saturated corporate climate.

In an ever-changing marketing and branding space, consumers are faced with the task of staying relevant and on top of current trends. This is a task that we face 24/7 on behalf of our clientele, ensuring that the marketing and branding for their products and services adapt to the changing times. This is a promise to our consumers that we execute with a personal and unique style.

The Idea

Here at CK Creative Studio, it is our will to assist students in the course from middle school to high school through college in getting off to the ideal start! We’re concentrating on the 13+ to early twenties age bracket. Elect yourself or a “younginpreneur” to be branded for the professional world by one of the best in the business, CK Creative Studio. All professionals need a sure way to initiate and leave a lasting “first impression”, a once in a lifetime opportunity every time. First impressions are the only impression when done wrong, and the start of something special when done right! An attractive identity is essential for companies, so with that in mind, we aim to build up the platforms of younginpreneurs to ensure a proper foundation for their legacy.

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CK Creative Studio will facilitate the building of identity and discovery of purpose for the younginpreneurs.

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For more information check the Cimon Key Website

Technologies Used
  • Unity3D
  • Vuforia Image Detection
  • Firebase Authentication, Analytics, Profiling and Scoring System.
August 14, 2021
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