Ambani Africa AR App

About the Ambani Africa AR

This is an augmented reality APP that helps children learn African languages. To use the app, you must have the AR books, available on the Ambani Africa website, the app cannot work without the books.

The update features 6 languages – English, isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sepedi, Setswana, Tshivenda and 4 books are available – Animals, Colurs, Numbers and parts of the body.

The Idea

South Africa’s Education System has many challenges: African-language speaking children have to drop their mother tongue or home language too soon, and learn in a language they do not understand. It is very difficult to learn a foreign language well enough to learn through it.
With this app we are helping Children to learn these Languages.Learn in 6 languages:
1- English
2- isiZulu
3- isiXhosa
4- Setswana
5- Sepedi
6- Tshivenda

Education System

Ambani works in Augmented Reality (AR), you buy a set of the books, then download the free ‘Ambani Africa AR’ app on the Google Play store or the Apple app store, the AR app only works with these books. When you view the books through the app on your phone, they come alive in 3D. 

The company ultimately want to gamify other aspects of learning such as science, math, art and critical thinking subjects. She wants to make education a more whole, independent and accessible experience for young African learners.

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Technologies Used
  • Unity3D
  • Vuforia Image Detection
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Analytics
  • Profiling and Scoring System
August 14, 2021
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